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Starter Pack

Challenge-based collaboration with industry partner is a dynamic undertaking. Numerous variables determine a successful collaboration and satisfactory learning experiences for the students. While the role-based processes structure and standardise a step-by-step way throughout the procedure, the human interaction, the challenge quality as well as the proper execution of communication and collaboration routines are marking the difference between a good and great experience.

Service description


On-board professors and program administrators to a standardized process and to the platform

Call for Challenges Guidance

Adopt best-practices in Call for Challenges preparation for optimal challenge attraction


Setup Governance Model

Building a challenge related governance model for the ongoing alignment with the challenge sponsor


24h response, 5 challenges (business, technology, science) guaranteed, complete process supervision and guidance by TELANTO expert


Support Professor on their quest to include industry challenges for the first time into their academic program and provide enablement regarding a smooth engagement process for their students with industry as well as regarding the attraction of high-quality industry challenges.

Program Admin

Support Program Administrators to manage industry engagements as well as academic staff and students at once, to safe-guard and ensure an efficient challenge collaboration undertaking with minimum interruption to ongoing course activity.

We enable academic institutions from all

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