Accompanying academic institutions from decentralized challenge-based learning activities, towards a orchestrated approach to support academic staff to offer highly impactful, experiential learning opportunities to their student body, is part of TELANTO’s DNA. Whether you are in the very beginning or looking to fine-tune well established structures and procedures, we have most likely supported universities with similar objectives

Service description

Awareness building

Build awareness amongst professors, academic management, student body to explain and promote challenge-based learning for accelerated uptake of the methodology by faculty and interest build with students


Standard processes and procedures are key to an efficient and seamless planning and execution of challenge-based collaborations with industry partners. In order to fully leverage the potential for all participants, a proper enablement to use technology and communication material is vital

On-boarding collaboration

Tap into the existing network and relationships with industry partners at the academic institution. Use processes and technology to on-board challenges from your own network and make them readily available to academic programs looking to incorporate challenges.

We accelerate academic institutions for all

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